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Native American

Different Alaskan Bear Myths

Alaskans have an interesting relationship with bears. While other cultures see the bear as a symbol of great size and power, the Alaskan people tend to view bears from a more personal aspect. Alaskan bear myths abound with stories of bears who behave very much like people and even bears that can transform into people. Native Alaskan myths portray bears as highly social beings. In the stories, though they are frightening for their great size and strength, they are not necessarily savage creatures....(more)

Can There Be Mountain Lions in WV?

A lot of reports have been made regarding sightings of mountain lions in West Virginia, but some experts have deemed them nothing more than hallucinations by these witnesses. There are a lot of factors which affect the credibility of these reports, some of which help to minimize the possibility of it ever happening at all....(more)

What Are Some Native American Myths About Bears?

Throughout Native American history, there have been many stories that involve bears. Some of them depict the bear as a fierce creature. Some stories point to a brave or friendly local friend to Native Americans. Every story has a moral or a lesson to be learned by the reader or for the listener. Even if the focus of the story is in a negative aspect, it is still a lesson to be learned....(more)


The Clown Killer Myth Examined

Killer clowns have been talked about throughout history, from Pennywise the clown in Stephen Kings "It," to Michael Meyers using a clown mask in the process of slaughtering his sister in "Halloween." Something about clowns has always brought out the terror in us; although they are supposed to be friendly, lovable creatures who entertain at children's parties, to some of us they are just plain terrifying and creepy. Killer clowns have a place in urban myths as homicidal killers who are just using their face paint to disguise their madness. The clown killer in modern urban myths can come to you as everything from a phantom to a statue, but are the myths true? Read on and find out....(more)

Is There a Hidden Truth in the Song "Love Rollercoaster"?

Even before the advent of the Internet and music videos and 24-hour news, rumors spread quickly. Songs and their meanings are a common target of these rumors. From backwards lyrics giving demonic messages or messages about the death of band members, rumors spread and change as difference sources pass them around. The Ohio Players song "Love Rollercoaster" has had some rumors swirling around it....(more)

Did a Mermaid Really Wash Up in the Wake of a Tsunami?

Cryptozoology, the study of animals whose existence has never been proved, has long been a pseudoscience that people find interesting. Mermaids are among the creatures people have been searching for for years. For centuries, there have been reports of mermaid sightings, but these claims have largely been proven false. Recently, there were claims that a mermaid carcass was found in the wake of a tsunami. But are the remains of this mermaid real or fake?...(more)


What is the Buddhist Eye of God?

The Buddhist Eye of God is an ancient concept. It refers to the ability of any person to directly connect with the universe. To understand what this means, it is necessary to understand the Buddhist concept of the universe, and why it is desirable to directly connect with it. In short, Buddhists believe that direct connections to the universe achieved through yoga and meditation have much potential in terms of reducing stress or other types of human suffering....(more)