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Safely Unlocking Your Car with the Latest Technology

Most new cars today don't need a key to unlock the car door. With other cars, you don't even need a key to drive. Keyless entry systems have become the latest technology used to unlock a car door. In fact, this system not only unlocks your car door, it can unlock your trunk and signal your alarm system if someone tries to open your car door with a regular old key. With every good thing comes a new warning. There are worries that hackers may be able to intercept your signal and break into your car without even leaving a trace of evidence....(more)

Top Internet Hoaxes Spread Through Facebook

You might be one of the millions of people who have fallen for one of the thousands of hoaxes spread via the Internet. It's hard to decipher the truth from things that are made up. Just because something is on the Internet, doesn't make it true. One of the best vehicles spreading these myths is Facebook. Here's a look at the top Facebook untruths....(more)

Famous Internet Hoaxes

With the increasing technology that the Internet brings forth, it can be hard to determine the truth from the myths. Sometimes, the craziest stories may be true. Other times, you may find that the most believable stories are nothing more than an Internet hoax. Below, you will find a list of five of the most popular Internet hoaxes that have made their way across the web....(more)

Urban Legends: Computer Pen Myths

There are numerous computer myths floating around describing innovations in technology that seem astounding even in today's advanced computer-age. One of the more prolific myths is that technology will eventually transform bulky computer desktops into a pen-like sized machine that is capable of doing everything your PC can. This would be advantageous no doubt. Being able to carry your computer anywhere you go, tucked comfortably inside your pockets brings a completely new meaning to the term "mobile computing". There would be no more keyboards, monitors or mouse to deal with. All you need is a front pocket to stick your computer pen into and you are good to go. Sounds great right? However, there is just one problem with this remarkable story; it simply is not true....(more)

Urban Legends

Find out if Drano Bombs Are Really out There

Occasionally, your email inbox is presented with a warning by a major company like Microsoft, a child in need of a blood donor, or the latest techniques used by burglars. Usually these emails are hoaxes and will only waste your time and cause you unnecessary fear. Other times, they are viruses that can damage your computer. The Drano bomb warning is an email that has been circulating since 2010. It tells you to watch out for bottles abandoned in your yard or mailbox. Supposedly, these bottles will explode and leave you blind or fingerless. Unlike other emails, the Drano bomb warning is not a hoax and carries important information with it....(more)

Is the Zipper Tongue Real or Fake?

One of the most astounding myths to go viral has been the zipper tongue. Since an image appeared of a tongue that had been split in half with a zipper attached so that the individual could re-zip it, people have questioned whether this is an urban legend. It is highly likely that this image is not real. That means the world can look forward to not seeing an influx of people with a zipper tongue....(more)

Are Cut Onions Toxic?

There is a story going around on the Internet about onions and food poisoning. The story is an interesting read, and it is presented in a way that seems factual. Despite how professional the story sounds, it is mostly nothing more than a myth. That, however, doesn't make the myths and truths any more interesting....(more)


Stretching the Truth: the Definition Of a Fable

Fables are popular stories that are often told to children and have become well-known parts of classic literature. They are meant to teach valuable lessons often in the form of bedtime stories that parents read to their children....(more)

Learning About Christmas Folklore

Christmas folklore comes in all forms from places all across the world. It is a vast study of historical facts, mythical fables, and plenty of woven contradictions. People are often left wondering just what's fact and what's fiction. In some instances, it can never be known. But, if you're interested in Christmas folklore as an art form, here are some websites to help you understand this wealth of stories and traditions....(more)

The Mysterious Nephilim Skeletons

In the Book of Genesis, it states that "there were giants in the Earth in those days." These giants are mentioned several more times in the early books of the Bible. However, there are no details given on these mysterious giants, who were known as the Nephilim. While the modern world does not feature any groups of people who could be legitimately called "giants," rumors claim this was not the case in the past. These rumors detail supposed skeletons of Nephilim that have been discovered in archaeological sites....(more)